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Friday, May 4, 2012

How To Deal With...unsupportive, negative and down right mean people the severe disapproval of, or discontent with a person on the grounds of characteristics that distinguish them from other members of a society.  Stigma may attach to a person, who differs from social or cultural norms. Stigma is the process by which the REACTION of others spoils normal identity.

This happens wether we like it or not.  Having a mental illness these days also means fighting the stigma that comes along with it.  At times the stigma can be harder than the illness its self.  So how do we handle those who have stigmatized us?  Well first off its easier said than done.  It can be painful and unfair what others think, say or do concerning your mental illness. 

Step one: Know that that person or persons are not educated about mental illness.  If they were they would think twice about making such rude, mean or unjust comments or actions.

Step two:  With step one it will better help you step back from the drama of it all and know that its not about you, its about them being scared of a topic they have no understanding of and are judging it unjustly.

Step three:  They are attacking the illness not you.  Yes it feels like we are being attacked but it is the illness they are attacking because somewhere in their mind they dont understand and therefore disagree and have their own pre conceived opinions of what they are observing.

Step four: Shake the dust off your feet and move on.  We all would love it if everyone loved us, supported us and understood us.  Wish them well in your heart. When we do that our hearts become better instead of bitter. 


Remove yourself from the stigma by removing yourself from the illness during that time. Because we are not our illness that is being attacked.

Understanding...that they dont know what they are talking about. Looking at them with compassion, knowing that they are afriad and want to attack. 

Move on...go where you will not be stigmatized. Remove yourself mentally, emotionally and if you can physically.

 I really hope all this will help release the pain that stigma can cause.  Remember you are more than your illness.  You are a fearfully and wonderfully made human being that deserves justice, understanding and support.  And thank God that things are better now a days.  There is more awareness and people are learning.  Dont get stuck in peoples dark cloud they try to put over you.  Forgive, release and wish them well and maybe someday the light will turn on for them to see the error of the stigma way.

God bless